New Species

The New Grandpa REX! Tyrannosaurus Mcraensis

It turns out that T rex wasnot the only Tyrant after all!

The Dragon Of Death Enearthed In The Soils Of Argentina

Thanatosdrakon amaru, meaning ‘The Dragon Of Death”, is one of the largest flying creatures that has ever lived. This giant species of pterosaur had a massive wingspan of 30 foot! That means its wingspan can compared to the lenght of a school bus. It was found by the team led by Leonardo Ortiz.

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Researchers discover a fossil of an oviraptor sitting on eggs!

Imagine! You are sitting on a chair and drinking milk and suddenly the earth beneath you, drifts apart and you along with your chair and milk go…go…go downnnnnnnnn!! Argh! Terrible isn’t it? Do you know? This devastating situation was actually…

Movies didn’t tell you the truth about this dino, but teeth don’t lie

Till very recently, everyone used to believe that Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus used to live only on land (and that’s what Jurassic Park 3 also told us). But the researchers have recently found that it was actually quite well-adapted to the aquatic lifestyle.

4 year old discovers a 200mn year old dino footprint

Not everyone can become a great paleontologist, but a great paleontologist can come from anywhere. A 4 year old girl Lily from South Wales has proven this right.