A few years back, a Scientist named Nizar Ibrahim discovered that the Spinosaurus wasn’t as we had expected it to be. Unlike JP3, Spinosarus was now a 7 ton quadruped only capable of hunting fish and not a killing machine as depicted in JP3.

Well now,  9 years later, the theory is proved wrong by Paul C Senero and his team. Here’s How:

  1. Spinosaurus couldn’t swim deep: Nizar’s Spinosarus had a centre of gravity located somewhere near it’s ribs, which forced it to walk on all fours. This helped it to swim deep inside the surface of the water. But now, after an experiment or two, Paul and his team finds out that Spinosaurus would most likely fall on its sides and that, that its sail would create so much drag (force acting against an object to slow it down), that Spinosaurus wouldn’t be able to chase fish, as previously thought. This proves that Spinosaurus would be able to swim but only at moderate depths.
  2. Spinosaurus was more terrestrial than aquatic: Spinosaurus not being able to chase fish, would now hunt them like stork or a crane (from hell). This proves that Spinosaurus had stronger and thicker legs than previously thought. This would help it to run faster on land than before and could catch some land dinos for food. This also results in sharper claws, stronger neck muscles and sharper teeth. Thus becoming even more deadlier.
  3. Spinosaurus was heavier and taller than before: Spinosaurus was taller as the legs were thicker and taller than before. Spinosaurus’s neck was also a lot stronger (A fully grown Onchopristis used to weigh 2-3 tons), longer and more flexible than before. Spinosaurus used to weigh around 7-9 tons, thus being heavier than before. The claws of Spinosaurus were a lot sharper than before.

VERDICT: All these prove that Spinosaurus can once again take over the throne of Africa and reign supreme with Carcharodontosaurus. This also means that the river beds would ruled by Sarcosuchus. This doesn’t prove that Spinosaurus was as powerful as the one in JP3 but the IRL Spino was strong enough to take over the biggest of the therapods.

Thanks for reading!