The Dragon Of Death Enearthed In The Soils Of Argentina

May 30, 2022 Dino Fan 0

Thanatosdrakon amaru, meaning ‘The Dragon Of Death”, is one of the largest flying creatures that has ever lived. This giant species of pterosaur had a massive wingspan of 30 foot! That means its wingspan can compared to the lenght of a school bus. It was found by the team led by Leonardo Ortiz.


April 16, 2022 Dino Fan 0

Microvenator (meaning “small hunter”) was a small, fast-moving, lightly-built dinosaur that walked on two long legs. It was about 4 ft. (1.2 m) long and weighed roughly 6.5 to 14 pounds (3 to 6.4 kg). This turkey-sized predator had short arms, large eyes, a long neck, a small head, and a long snout tat may have had a toothless beak. Each hand had three long fingers, each equipped with a claw.


March 24, 2022 Dino Fan 0

Zigongosaurus was a large herbivore. Lets discover more abouts its anatomy in this article about the mighty Zigong Lizard.


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Vulcanodon was a big guy, about 20 feet long. It had a long neck, a lengthy tail, a small head, and some beefy legs and body to match. To add a little edge to its style, Vulcanodon sported nail-like claws on its feet and an extra-large claw on each of its big toes. Dive into the huge world of the Vulcanodon by reading this article about the Volcano Toothed Lizard.

Dinosaur fossil found in Brazil divulges a chicken-sized species

December 21, 2020 Dino Fan 0

Paleontologists have discovered new species of dinosaur that used to be the size of a chicken 🐔, sporting a mane & long fur. The two-legged Cretaceous Period dinosaur made a living hunting insects 🐛 and perhaps small vertebrates like frogs 🐸 and lizards 🦎, just like the present day birds.