Spinosaurus versus TRex, the results will surprise you

Spinosaurus was THE biggest and one of the Strongest Megatherapods of all time, overpowering almost every land killer. It was a part of the Spinosauridae family. It ruled the Egyptian lands and waters, and Co-existed with Carcharodontosaurus, Bahariasaurus, Rugops and Deltadromieus. But what would happen if it met the Mighty T rex?

Spinosaurus likely had a deadlier lifestile than the T rex, with large Crocodylomorphs such as Sarcosuchus wading in the waters while large therapods like Carcharodontosaurus in the lands. To surivive sometimes Spinosaurus had to fight these deadly creatures. T rex didn’t have any other larger therapod other than itself that co-existed with it. But the preys of the t rex were deadly like Triceratops and Ankylosaurus.

In terms of Arm Strength, Lifting Strength, Tail Strength and Neck Strength, Spinosaurus overpowers a T rex. While the t rex gets edge over Strike strength and jaw strength. So the point Strength goes Spinosaurus (4-2). Points like size, length, height, claws, adabtability, locomotions, intimidation also goes to spinosaurus, while points like speed, iq, bite force and Ā strategies goes to T rex. Whereas points like durability, endurance, dexterity , combat iq are equal in both the dinosaurs.

Verdict: In a 1v1 fight T rex woould win about 60-70% (with high difficulty), as a well placed bite would destroy Spinosaurus. Whereas if Spinosaurus gets the first bite the T rex would surely meet its end.



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