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Deinonychus was a lightly built, fast-moving, agile, bipedal (walked on two legs), bird-like dinosaur. It was built to kill. This meat-eater had a curved, flexible neck and a big head with sharp, serrated teeth in very powerful jaws. Each of…


Dimorphodon (meaning “two-form tooth”) was a pterosaur with a 4 feet (1.2 m) long wingspan. It was not a dinosaur, but type of extinct, flying reptile. It had a huge head with deep, wide, toothed jaws resembling the beak of the modern-day puffin, a short neck, and a diamond-shaped flap of skin at the end of the long, pointed tail.


Hey there, Dino enthusiasts! 馃馃寠 In this post, let’s dive into the groovy world of Ichthyosaurs – those rock ‘n’ roll reptiles of the seas! 馃幐馃寠 Ichthyosaurs (say it like “ik路thee路uh路saw路ruhsik路thee路uh路saw路ruhsIchthyosaurs”) were like the ocean’s VIPs. 馃寠馃専 They were the…


As a paleontologist delving into the fascinating world of dinosaurs, the study of Albertosaurus presents a captivating journey into the evolutionary history of tyrannosaurids. A close relative of the more famous Tyrannosaurus, Albertosaurus shared a common lineage but possessed distinctive…


Parasaurolophus was a long-crested, duck-billed dinosaur. Its extremely long, backward leaning, hollow, bony crest was as bigger than the rest of its skull and may have been used to produce a very loud sound.