In fact, it was found much much before that. Now this is quite crazy my dino crazy friends, and I just read about it. A Brazilian paleontologist Llewellyn Ivor Price discovered the fossilized vertebrae of a dinosaur in 1950 but sadly passed away in 1980 without ever getting the credit for his discovery. And the news was revealed only in 2016. Pretty sad 🙁

Why I am talking about this you would say, because this particular fossil belonged to the largest ever dinosaur found in Brazil. It was a whopping 25-meters long and it was a herbivore (this probably reminds you of Argentinosaurus, doesn’t it?) which is why scientists have classified the dino amongst Titanosaurs (thus a Sauropodomorph).

Looking at Austroposeidon Magnificus, which is the name this dino has been given, you can say without doubt that one doesn’t have to be a meat-eater to have a well-developed body like this one. You can get a long neck and a tail by simply chewing on those juicy leaves from tree branches that no other animal could reach at (mooo 🐄). Although I cannot be sure why the dino had a relatively small skull, was it somewhat dumb?

The magnificent Austroposeidon Magnificus lived during the Cretaceous Period (that’s 145-66 million years ago), in regions that are presently part of South America, Africa, Antarctica and Oceania.