Spinosaurus versus TRex, the results will surprise you

Want to know who would win the epic battle between a T-Rex versus a Spinosaurus? Well, read on. And lets be fair, T-Rex was not even born when the mighty SpinosaurusĀ used to roam the earth.

Here’s the main difference:

*African t rex: Caracharodontosaurus.

Other differences are:

Now on the basis of this, we can decide who the winner is. T rex was undoubtably a powerful land killer, but it would be totaly humiliated by Spinosaurus.

Here’s how:

Spinosaurus when encountering a T rex it would go to its godzilla pose. So the vulnerable sail would be protected. Now the t rex would charge Spinosaurus in order to head butt. But Spinosaurus will swipe(slap if you wish) the T rex with it’s deadly claws. T rex falls on the ground with only 1 eye. Now to end it spinosaurus bites it on the neck and rips chunks out of it with its claws.

Spinosaurus wins this match with medium difference.



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