Saurophaganax Vs Spinosaurus! End of Debate

Saurophaganax or as I like to call it, ‘The Lord Of The Lizard Eaters’ was the biggest and the strongest Jurassic predator to have ever lived, but what would happen if it met the biggest therapod of the Cretaceous?


SIZE/MASS: Saurophaganax’sĀ  biggest specimen’s size estimates are 11-12 metres in length and 3-4 metres in height and has a mass of 4.5 metric tons, whilst Spinosaurus’s biggest specimen’s (Spinosaurus Indet.) tends to be around 14-15 meters in length and weighs 8-9 tons (could be higher). Here Spino has a clear Size advantage.

BITE/WEAPONS(OX and MAIN): Saurophagax had a bite force of around 2-3 tons whereas Spinosaurus has a deadlier bite, 3-4 tons. Saurophanax had its teeth as it’s main weapons and huge claws as it’s auxillary weapons. Spinosaurus had the same but had sharper, bigger and badder claws. Thus Spinosaurus had better weapons and more bite force.

BattleEXP: Spinosaurus used to fight Saurophaganax sized Bahariyasaurus and used to win 70% of the time and even bigger opponents like Carcharodontosaurus and again, used to win 60% of the time. Saurophaganax only fought other Allos and Stegos and Spinosaurus isn’t an Allo or a Stego.

SPEED: Sauro is lighter hence simply faster.

VERDICT: With all these stats we come to the Verdict, and it’s Spinosaurus who will win 70% of the time on both environments simply because it surpasses Saurophaganax in almost every way. Therefore, Spinosaurus wipes the floor with Saurophaganax.


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