Giganotosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus rex! Who wins?

Giganotosaurus.C  was a huge carnivorous therapod or a MEGAtherapod that ruled the lands of South America, co-existing with other therapods like Ekrixinatosaurus, Buitreraptor and Alnashetri. If  T rex was the Mike Tyson and Spinosaurus was the great Khali, then the Giganotosaurus was the usain bolt of the MEGAtherapods. But what would happen if it met the mighty T rex?

Giga was part of the Carcharodontosauridae family while the T rex was a completely different species, being part of the Tyrannosauridae family. T rex was Physically stronger, Smarter and had the stronger bite, whereas Giganotosaurus had more speed, was taller, longer and had stronger and longer arms (which were capable of lifting a fully grown SIBERIAN TIGER!).

In 1v1 battle T rex would wipe the floor with Giga by overpowering him in alsmost every way. But if Giga manages to make T rex trip (OFC by head butts) then the T rex doesn’t stand a chance.



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