Triceratops is a well known dinosaurs and most of the kids (besides T.rex) are a fan of it. It is well known for it’s three horns like a rhino, but it wasn’t so humble like in the movies, it was deadly with a charge 10x powerful than the modern rhinos. They had their horns that were 5 ft long and were used to defend themselves from predatory dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex. They also used their horns for fighting the other Triceratops for territory. Their horns were more like a rhinoceros than of a antelope. They never attacked any animal unless and until they harm it. Most importantly they lived in herds. If a Tyrannosaurus rex goes to fight one of them for food it would result in a broken leg or neck and thus, certain death! They ate a variety of plants just like a modern day rhino. They ate low lying plants and old, dead plants from the ground.

Triceratops was so powerful that even the T rex thought 2-3 times before attacking. It lived alongside Ankylosaurus and Torosaurus ( as it is considered to be a valid genus).