Mosasaurus is gigantic and powerful sea dinosaur and that means………ya you caught it……… lived in sea. It was a deadly animal with a very very sharp teeth that could tear off flesh with just one bite! and phew!! it was whopping 12m long and had 6 ft skull and also was a meat eater. It ate other marine reptiles such as sharks, plesiosaurs, birds and turtles but the adults had many threats like Spinosaurus that ate the Mosasauruses. Well not only spinosaurus there were many other threats like sharks that could eat the newborns and many others. These dinosaurs were one of the most powerful dinosaurs. These dinos were simillar to Liopleurodon. The mosasaurs were a close relative of the powerful monitor lizards that preyed on other animals in the tropics. They include the Komodo dragon, one of the largest of the living reptiles. Monitor lizard are a close relative of the snakes and had a forked tongue. It is possible that Mosasaurus had also a forked tongue.