Alanqa Saharica, like the famous Pterodactylus, was also a Pterosaur, a flying dino (although technically not a dinosaur but a flying reptile). It was closely related to the Quetzalcoatlus. Its one of the recently discovered flying dino, the first Alanqa fossil was discovered in 2010.

Alanqa belonged to the Late Cretaceous period and used to inhabit what is now the Kem Kem Beds of south eastern Morocco. The avian creature is believed to have been in the middle of ecosystem’s food web. It was a piscivore, preying on both small animals like crustaceans and mollusks 🐚, amphibians like Kababisha and Oumtkoutia, small to medium-sized reptiles like Simoliophis libycus and Jeddaherdan aleadonta, and even small dinosaurs,  like other Azhdarchids.

On the other hand, Alanqa would be a prey item for the large predators of the ecosystem, such as theropod dinosaurs, Spinoaurus, Carcharodontosaurus and reptiles like Aegisuchus and Madtsoiid 🐍 snake.