Hello friends,

Today I’m going to tell you about the biggest dinosaur known till now(well Sauroposeidon might be even taller but because Argentinosaurus is more fat and lengthier than it so, Argentinosaurus is called the biggest of all dinosaur), the Argentinosaurus. This dinosaur was in the group of the great titanosaurs.

Palaeontologists studying dinosaur fossils and reconstructing models of their bones have discovered that one of the beasts suffered from a case of osteomyelitis or a bone infection — the earliest evidence of such an infection in any organism.

They were studying bones of Titanosaurs, some of the largest dinosaurs to walk on Earth and lived around 80 million years ago, in the Cretaceous period.

The bone infection, which led to inflammation, was seemingly also worsened by parasitic microorganisms that infected the dinosaur repeatedly, damaging its tissues.

Osteomyelitis(a bone infection that is very rare and mostly is affected to adults) is thought to have been relatively rare in dinosaurs; fossils with the disease either haven’t been found or haven’t survived.