Imagine! You are sitting on a chair and drinking milk and suddenly the earth beneath you, drifts apart and you along with your chair and milk go…go…go downnnnnnnnn!! Argh! Terrible isn’t it?

Do you know? This devastating situation was actually experienced by an Oviraptor couple-The mother was sitting on her eggs and her husband was guarding her when suddenly a big sand dune came, they both and their eggs got buried deep under the ground. They couldn’t save themselves neither the eggs. Isn’t it a crazy thing to happen my dino crazy friends?

The aboveĀ  Oviraptor fossil was uncovered from rocks that are 70 million years old in Ganzhou City, China. Oviraptors were a part of feathered, bird-like dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous period. The Oviraptors were omnivores who ate many varieties of plants as well as meat like small MultiberculatesĀ meaning the mammals which lay eggs but have fur on their body (eg. Platypuses and Echidnas), and other small reptilians like lizards. Oviraptors were closely related to the Velociraptors, having a sharp knife like claw on the toes of it and was clever which snatched eggs from the nests of other dinosaurs but sometime when it didn’t got food, then it hunted smalls Multiberculates and lizards to eat. When compared to a human, it was very small but was agile, agile than a dog.