Month: October 2023

Saurophaganax Vs Spinosaurus! End of Debate

The Lord meets the Crane from hell, who will win? Read on to find out!

The New Grandpa REX! Tyrannosaurus Mcraensis

It turns out that T rex wasnot the only Tyrant after all!

Spinosaurus vs Carcharodontosauridae. Explained!

Carcharodontosauridae was one of the most powerful dinosaur family to exist on land. In this artice, we will see who wins between Spinosaurus vs The Carcharodontosauridae family (Carcha, Titan, Mapu, Giga, Acro, Maraxes). Mapusaurus Rosea vs Spinosaurus: Mapusaurus was a big…

The New Truth About The Spined Lizard.

A few years back, a Scientist named Nizar Ibrahim discovered that the Spinosaurus wasn’t as we had expected it to be. Unlike JP3, Spinosarus was now a 7 ton quadruped only capable of hunting fish and not a killing machine…