While the popular tales sings praise for the Tyrannosaurus Rex, touting it as the biggest of all predatory dinosaurs, dear rovers I can tell that our rex sadly loses the battle to another mighty one which is not only the biggest carnivorous dinosaur but possibly also the most powerful dinosaur that has ever lived. We are talking about the one with the spine (just sayin), the Spinosaurus.

The Spinosaurus had a head as large as a refrigerator 🧊, a whopping six feeter! And although it didn’t had a powerful bite, our Spino sported razor sharp teeth that made it’s bite so deadly that it break your bone in just a single bite! Could it have broken the neck of a T-Rex (as shown in the movie Jurassic Park III)? Possibly no, because its teeth 🦷 would have been too small to be able to grab hold of Rex’s neck long enough to bite down on it, let alone break it. Moreover, Spinosaurs lived almost 30m years before the T-Rex actually walked on the earth. Not a fair comparison, eh?

Spinosaurus were usually 52 feet long with a height of 32 feet! It was the biggest and the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs.