Have you ever wonderedThinking Face on Microsoft that there are dinosaurs that thrived in the whole world but non in India? Then let me tell you-There are some fearsome and powerful dinosaurs ( not only herbivores, Carnivores too!) that thrived in India. One of them is the Rajasaurus, Raja means Rex/King and Saurus means Reptiles/Lizards, technically it’s king lizardCrown on Microsoft Windows 8.0. It was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaur found in India! It was about 25 to 30 feet (7.6 to 9 meters) long, and about 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall. It fed upon carnivorous dinosaurs like  Compsosuchus and Pradhania, and some herbivorous dinosaurs such as Kotasaurus, Isisaurus and Barapasaurus.

Rajasaurs had a real tough timeAnxious Face with Sweat on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Updatedealing with some dinosaurs such as Orthogoniosaurus, Dahalokely and Indosuchus for food and territory. There were some dinosaurs like Dravidosaurus- the true relative of Stegosaurus and also the Brachypodosaurus-the Indian Ankylosaurus,which could take the head out of the Rajasaurus in just one swipe.Upside-Down Face on Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update