Amongst the ferocious horned animals of today my dear dino freaks you would probably identify Rhinoceros 🦏 or the mighty bison 🦬. But in the dino age the terror of pointed horns was certainly claimed by the Centrosaurus. And the common factor between these animals? Well, they were all strong, and they were all herbivores.

The Centrosauruses were ceroptsians, meaning horned faced dinosaurs. By the fact that they were 6-feet tall and weighed more than 2 tons, we can easily imagine that they were among the most powerful dinosaurs to ever walk on earth! And to sustain that kind of weight they had to eat 5 to 6 tons of greens 🌿 everyday. Eew! Ever tried eating 10 thousand loafs 🍞 of bread?

The Centrosaur is a close relative of the Triceratops but was certainly less powerful than them. Centrosaurus is is from the late Cretaceous and used to live in the present day Canada. Their remains were found in the Dinosaur Park Formation at Alberta, and dated from 76.5 to 75.5 million years ago.