Amargasaurus was a small sauropod that was closely related to the Argentinosaurus. It was a herbivore and is famous for it’s double row of it’s spine on it’s back. ! It was probably for show to attract females but it can’t be as un both the cases (male/female), there were the two rows of spine. It means that the spines weren’t for show, they were for fighting and defending predators like the Tyrannotitan and some other Amargasaurus intruders that went into it’s territory. This sauropod was very small sauropod with only a length of 33 feet whereas, the other sauropods like Argentinosaurs and Diplodocuses that weren’t of 33 feet, in fact they were 33 meters! It’s name has come from the great anyon La Amarga, Argentina where it’s fossils were found. This dinosaur ate a lot of plants to sustain itself, and as it ate the leaves whole it may have had Gastrolithsย (stomach stones), to digest the leaves properly. This dinosaur’s IQ wasn’tย  very good as being a sauropod it was a very dumb animals with a IQ that was the second lowest in the whole kingdom of dinosaurs. It was only a pro when fighting dinosaurs.