AJNABIA – a member of the duckbill dinosaurs, diverse plant-eating dinosaurs that grew up to 15 meters long.

This new dinosaur was  tiny compared to its brother, the Corythosaurus, at just 3 meters long….strange isn’t it….any ways who can tame nature?….. It has its own rules. By the way do you know what ‘Ajnabi’  means in hindi?  Ajnabi is the word for strangers, foreigners and unknown people. Well well…. now we know quite a bit about this ‘Ajnabi’ . Yes one more thing to note about this dino , though it was tiny compared to Corythosaurus but it did have a crest on his head……Hey Ajnabia give me five….be happy you are no less.

Duckbills evolved in North America and eventually spread to South America, Asia, and Europe. Ajnabia lived in the Cretaceous period at about the same time when Spinosaurus roamed on  the earth and yes, at the same place too. But they had different genus of course-  Spinosaurus – (S. moroccanus) where as  Ajnabia -(A. odysseus).

Ajnabia was as big as a horse, but it was dumbo, but how do we know that? -Its brain space in the fossil was small and that means that its brain must have also been small, proving  it to be a dumb. This dinosaur ate leaves and stems of many plants. Its main predators were the Sarcosuchuses which in turn were eaten by the Spinosauruses.